Trump 9

With his trademark bravado and supercilious demeanor, Donald Trump proclaimed himself the “presumptive nominee” of the Republican Party  the night of April 25 when he won all five of the northeastern primary states of  Rhodes Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. How could Trump be so presumptuous as to declare himself the de facto nominee when the contests weren’t yet over? many  wondered. Trump would soon prove to his critics that he knew something they did not know, or that he continues to see something that his doubters are way too blind to see.

A week after that proclamation, the real estate mogul is now widely acknowledged as his party’s nominee, awaiting official crowning in Cleveland. His merciless defeat of Ted Cruz and John Kasich in the May 3 Indiana primary has secured Trump the crown. In his party, those who have the capacity to think sensibly — and it doesn’t appear they’re many — are now deeply troubled by the grave dangers lying in wait for their party and America.

Now these thoughtful few can count on the support of not only a vast lot of people elsewhere in America, but outside of it, too.  Here’s how the rest of the world sees the election of Trump as his party’s nominee.