Turner: A staunch Sanders supporter

Turner: A staunch Sanders supporter

I’m not a staunch believer in the old principle of “An eye for an eye” because retaliation is often not the right thing for moral man to do. But there are a few times I have given a good thought to that principle and appeared to justify it. Revenge can sometimes be so good its sweetness trumps that of honey. That, folks, must be the taste some of the officials running the Hillary Clinton campaign are savoring now after dissing Nina Turner at the DNC convention two days ago in Philadelphia.

The story, reportedly, is that the former Ohio State senator who passionately supported Bernie Sanders and publicly trolled Clinton during the primaries, was denied a speaking role after being first penciled in as one of two speakers to introduce Sanders. Since then, Turner has been fuming with anger. She still cannot understand why anyone could do that to her, considering that she’s Nina Turner. And she called a press conference to vent her anger. Like Donald Trump, Turner does appear to me as someone who’s madly in love with the sound of her own voice. Like Trump, she wants to be, at all times, the guest at every wedding, the baby at every christening and, of course, the corpse at every funeral.

I’m not a member of the Clinton campaign. “I’m only with her”, and very passionately for that matter. But I can tell you that, vicariously, I’m smacking my lips as I taste the sweetness of the revenge the Clinton folks have allegedly meted out to Turner for being way over the top in her public critique of Clinton after first supporting her. You’d think Clinton was the devil she never knew until she suddenly found religion. And to think that Bill, (Hillary’s husband), had campaigned spiritedly for Turner as a surrogate when she sought the office of the Ohio State secretary of state!  Even after her principal had endorsed Clinton, Turner still couldn’t bring herself to do so, telling a television host that she was “undecided”, as though her vote matters so much Clinton can’t be elected president without it.

Of course, Turner, who is a bright lady and a good communicator (although she often speaks too forcefully, I’d argue), is entitled to her right to join any campaign. This, after all, is America. But her vociferous panning of Clinton during the primaries, the very woman she’d supported just months earlier, was what I found so galling I can’t remember the number of times, remote in hand, I flipped my television channels during her ubiquitous appearances.

Here’s hoping that Turner learns from the error of her ways.