Just days ago here, I wrote a piece condemning Joe Scarborough’s penchant for sickeningly promoting the obnoxious candidacy of Donald Trump on his morning joe program while at the same time savaging President Barack Obama and the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton unremittingly. In that same piece, I also said that his program used to be a must-watch television for people like me upon rising from bed in the morning until Scarborough, of his own volition, took the charm out of it when he careened off his dispassionate mode of coverage and analysis and went instead down the Gadarene slope of right-wing delusions.

Scarborough’s latter-day style includes, among other pathetic things, getting Trump on his show every morning and giving him as much free air-time as possible to spout his nonsensical political nostrums for America’s problems and indulge in a public act of self-masturbation unchallenged.

Well, this morning, Scarborough shocked me — pleasantly — when he did the most unthinkable by flying into something of a rage as he threatened to cut Trump off the microphone if he would not pause frothing his gibberish to take at least a question.

“All right, Donald. Donald, Donald, Donald,” an ostensibly angry Scarborough called Trump four times (see video), “we will go to break if you keep talking. “We’re going to ask you questions … All right, go to break. Go to break, go to break, go to break right now,” the alpha male on morning joe finally executed his threat when Trump wouldn’t pause for a question to be tossed in.

Now if I was shocked that Scarborough acted as much — and score one for him, anyway — I was indeed struck speechless to find, after the commercial interlude, that the real estate mogul was still there cooling his heels to take Scarborough’s questions, and hadn’t in fact stormed off. For that, I say more power to Scarborough’s elbow again, if only on this occasion. What the former Congressman did this morning was courageous. He sounded and acted everything like the old Joe Scarborough who was just as tough on his fellow Republicans as he was on the Democrats on morning joe.

You may of course have known already that Trump has been in the news again in the last 24 hours for recommending that Muslims be banned from coming to the United States because of the San Bernadino tragedy last week. Trump’s capacity to shock with utterances like that has known no limits. This latest, therefore, was what actually prompted the conversation on morning joe today.

What Scarborough did to Trump is the kind of thing that the media need to be doing constantly to the Republican front-runner who, to all intents and purposes, keeps on feeding fat on free media coverage to further his dangerous presidential quest.