Trump at a campaign rally

Trump at a campaign rally

It is fast shaping up to be a bitter battle of the front-runners, and one that is also increasingly taking a turn for the worse by the day. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, respectively flag-bearers of the GOP and the Democratic Party right now, are locked in a rhetorical slanging match. In his latest salvo, Trump went vulgar when he said Clinton’s use of the bathroom during a short break from last Saturday’s Democratic debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, was “too disgusting” to talk about.

“I know where she went; it’s disgusting, I don’t want to talk about it,” Trump said to enthusiastic applause and laughter from his crowd of supporters at a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Monday night. In Trumpianese, that was clearly a sexually derogatory term. As though that was only a prelude to a more vulgar remark waiting to be unleashed, Trump described Clinton’s 2008 primary loss to then rival Barrack Obama in the following worlds: “she got schlonged.” The word “schlong” means a long penis. Trump’s crowd also ate that up.

Although there has been no response yet from the Clinton camp to Trump’s remarks, Clinton had started the latest round of fight when she alleged during the Democratic debate that ISIS terrorists were using Trump’s series of anti-Muslim utterances as material for recruitment of more terrorists into their midst. Said Clinton: “He is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter. They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.”

Fact-finders have rated Clinton’s allegation as mainly false, as no evidence of such a recruitment video has surfaced yet. Trump asked for apology from the Democratic front-runner, but her campaign replied, “Hell no.” Probably disappointed at such a refusal, Trump ratcheted up the rhetoric at his campaign event last night.

That was not the first time Trump has made sexually derogatory comments about Clinton — or women generally. In April, Trump had tweeted the following remark about Clinton, although he quickly deleted the comment after he had drawn so much flak for it:

After the August 6 Republican primary debate in Cleveland, Ohio, which was partly moderated by Megyn Kelly of Fox News, Trump told Don Lemon of CNN that “blood” was  “coming out of her wherever”, a reference to Kelly’s vagina and menstruation. Trump drew wide condemnation for the remark and the political world believed that would mark the end of his presidential career. Trump not only survived it but he has gone on to survive many doomsday predictions by pundits over his countless politically incorrect remarks.

Trump’s sexually derogatory attack on Clinton no doubt marks a new low. But it may also be safe to predict that he will survive it because his growing supporters want him to continue on that path.