Hillary 12

The Clintons

Full disclosure: I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter. No matter what contrived “scandal” the news media dredges up — first, it was Benghazi, next it was private email server, then it morphed into an FBI probe, and now it’s let’s-please-see-the-transcripts-of-your-paid-speeches thing (Have the other candidates been asked to produce theirs, by the way?) — I’m with her until the last dog dies! Deal with it.

No matter how hard the news media tries to rubbish her in order to derail her campaign, no matter how the supercilious talking heads on “Morning Joe” attempt to treat her contemptuously morning after morning, I’m with her from here to Timbuktu, and back.

Lastly, no matter what drivel Maureen Dowd writes next week in the New York Times about her New Hampshire primary loss, I’ll remain committed to her campaign to become the next president of the United States.

Now, all that said, I’ll refuse vehemently to do one thing if asked to for even ten million bucks: trade places with Clinton for only 60 seconds. I’ll refuse for the simple reason that I love my life and that I have got a family to care for. I could drop dead within a fraction of a second of being Clinton. For, the burden she bears daily, the unwarranted hatred she endures, to say nothing of all the other unjustified encumbrances and Gethsemane slapped on her by the American media and her Republican adversaries for decades, are way more than even the proverbial Hercules could stomach.

Sanders: won New Hampshire

Sanders: won New Hampshire

On the same day she declared a run for the White House, I wrote on Facebook: “At last, at last, Hillary Clinton enters the race for the Oval Office! So, welcome the Republican savage campaign, the likes of which we may not have seen before; welcome, once again, the American media’s silly prejudices in all matters Hillary!”

That was on April 2, 2015. Today is February 10, 2016.

In the time between then and now, a lot has happened that could have sunk many a presidential campaign indeed. But not Clinton’s. She’s still standing; and she keeps soldiering on, despite the humiliating rejection she suffered at the hands of New Hampshire primary voters last night, a loss that has compelled many in the media to proclaim obituary for her campaign. It doesn’t matter to these obituarists that the morning does not always tell the day. It doesn’t matter to them that Clinton has won one primary already and lost just one. It doesn’t matter that in that contest, her opponent wasn’t only Sanders, but in fact also the Republican attack machine and the news media which remains driven by a lynch-mob mentality. It does not matter to these obituary writers that New Hampshire never abandons a candidate that comes from that region of the country for a “stranger”. In other words, it does not matter to them (analysts) that New Hampshire has nativist impulses (In my country of birth, they call it tribalism; not a good word). Nor does it even bother these same analysts that this same state chose Donald Trump — an archetypal nativist — over universally more acceptable candidates.

So, am I the only one who doesn’t set much store by the New Hampshire verdict? Clinton got shellacked by Sanders all right, but she still got rewarded with almost the same number of delegates as Sanders.

Clinton fought the last two battles on Sanders’ turf. Now let’s see how he does on a terrain conceivably more hospitable to Clinton.