Clinton: Will escape Indictment

Clinton: Will escape Indictment

Not long ago, it used to be the case that Hillary Clinton’s political enemies — let’s call them that — were to be exclusively found on the Right. Not so any more. Today, you have just as many, if not more visceral, Clinton haters on the Left, too. Thinking about it, I sometimes don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This second anti-Clinton group first appeared on the political horizon eight years ago during the spirited, and at times brutal, primary contest between her and then Senator Barrack Obama. Today, this very group has morphed into a deadly species, has even become infinitely more dangerous than her foes on the Right, and I’m hard put to justify the hatred. I often gasp in disbelief when I read some of the ugliest things said about her today by many of those who call themselves Liberals , especially as the primary fight between her and Bernie Sanders  is turning overtly desperate with Sanders becoming ugly and nasty in his denigration of her character. The septuagenarian once promised not to run such a campaign.

A.H. Goodman, an archetypal Clinton hater whose pathetic case I intend to address in detail perhaps soon, has managed to appear as the leader of Clinton enemies on the Left. Like Sanders, he calls himself a “social democrat”. Demented in his view of the Democratic front-runner, Goodman hops from one publication to another willing to accept itself as a receptacle for his unceasing garbage about Clinton to dump it there.

For Goodman and the rest of his fellow travelers on both sides of the aisle, the overarching aim is to keep Clinton from getting the nomination even though the individual objective for each side is markedly different. Goodman and many like-minded Liberals delude themselves into thinking that Sanders is a stronger general election candidate than Clinton, whereas her Republican traducers believe the opposite is overwhelmingly the case. I hate to say that the Republicans have it right in this case, which explains their unflagging campaign against Clinton while ignoring her primary opponent.

Sadly for these united Clinton haters, the former secretary of state is well  on her way to clinching the nomination and becoming Madam President thereafter. So far, she has out-competed Sanders at the delegates-acquisition game, the only thing that counts in the ultimate analysis. Let Sanders keep getting the mammoth crowds.

Left with basically no path to the nomination for their preferred candidate, the united front of Clinton haters are now banking their hopes on a possible FBI indictment of Clinton over her private email server. Such a scenario invariably leaves the Democrats no choice but to anoint Sanders as the nominee. Such a wish gives you an idea of how mean-spirited and wicked human beings can be. The down side to such a scenario is that the Vermonter will end up getting creamed good by Donald Trump or whoever the Republicans decide to run as their candidate.

Fortunately for America, and unfortunately for Goodman and members of his tribe, a Clinton indictment is not happening, according to the Associated Press. Not a chance. No. Nee.  Nope. Supersize all those.