Christie with a mic and podium

Christie with a mic and a podium



One Republican presidential candidate who should be beside himself with excitement right now, is Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. With tanking national poll numbers and dwindling campaign finances, Christie’s presidential hopes were starting to evaporate faster than teardrops in a blast furnace. It was only a matter of time before he threw in the sponge. Recently, he was demoted from his party’s top-tier debate  platform to the under-card table to square off with the likes of Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana governor who, just two days ago, bowed out of the race and disappeared into the night. Definitely not a pretty thing to stomach. But Christie stomached the ignominy like it was no skin off his nose. He did in renewed hopes that providence would somehow throw him a lifebuoy and tide him back to the big league where he could raise his voice several more decibels against Hillary Clinton, his pet bete noire these days. If you watched Christie’s last two debates, you might understand my point here.

Well, CNN announced yesterday that Christie would have a podium and a microphone at the next top-tier debate it is hosting for the Republican candidates on December 15. Christie’s saving grace was his New Hampshire poll ratings which have been way better than his standing in the national polls in as many weeks. Like the Fox News Channel, CNN, until now, averaged out several national polls to decide the fate of the candidates. Now why the network decided to bend the rules this time around to accommodate Christie, is baffling. But Christie is the winner for it, at any rate.

So, on Tuesday, December 15, expect the New Jersey governor to dial up his anti-Obama, anti-Hillary rhetoric several notches. After all, that sells in his party like hotcakes. The Tea Party faithful in the GOP especially lap it up. But how far that mantra propels him from the bottom to a position of importance in the pecking order of candidates, including Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz, all of whom are kept atop by Tea Party sustenance, remains to be seen.