A multiple award-winning journalist, Mudiaga Ofuoku’s works have been published in THISDAY, Newswatch, Africa Now, News Africa and Africa Today. He has also contributed to the Florida Sentinel Bulletin in Tampa, USA, The Kalahri Review, and the British Broadcasting Corporation. Among his awards, are the Nigerian Media Merit Award (NMMA) Investigative Reporter of the Year 2000; the British Chevening Scholarship Award to the University of Leeds in 1999; First Prize in the Literature, Arts and Media Category of the Fletcher Challenge Paper Commonwealth Media Awards, Auckland, New Zealand, 1998, and the Editor-in-Chief’s Prize for Newswatch’s Investigative Reporter of the Year 1997. Ofuoku was also a finalist in several international media awards, including the Gordon Fisher Journalism Fellowship Award, Toronto, Canada, 2000. Married with kids, Mudiaga Ofuoku lives in Riverview, FL, USA. You can follow him on Facebook and on twitter@MudiagaO.

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